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before i tell you all about myself, i want to briefly discuss something that affects millions of americans every year: skin cancer. it is the most common type of cancer in the world and between 40-50% of all americans who live to age sixty-five will contract it.

squamous cell cancer, which is a type of skin cancer, is diagnosed roughly 1,000,000 times a year in america. even worse, diagnoses are actually on the rise. however, there may be a way to help prevent it that goes beyond simply using sunscreen at the pool. that's where i come in. recent research has found that exfoliating your skin regularly may help reduce the presence of actinic keratoses, which are skin lesions that can develop into squamous cell cancer.

for those of you who don't already know, exfoliating is the process of removing dry/dead skin cells and other dirt/grime in order to reveal fresh, glowing, new skin while promoting healthy skin regeneration and preventing pores from becoming clogged. exfoliating is hands down the most important part of your at-home beauty routine for your face and body. talk to any makeup artist or other beauty professional and they will tell you the same thing.

so, we already knew exfoliating was good for our appearance and overall health, and now we can add the prevention of skin cancer to the already long list of amazing things that exfoliating our skin will do for us.

by using robusta coffee, sea salt, and brown sugar, which are the three leading all-natural exfoliants for your skin, i provide you with the best exfoliating experience that you can get. exfoliating is simply too important to your skin, your appearance, and your overall health to be using anything but the best all-natural ingredients.

please continue reading below to learn more about the importance of each and every one of my ingredients.


what i'm made of: finely ground robusta coffee (coffea), brown sugar (sucrose), sweet almond oil (prunus dulcis), coconut oil (cocos nucifero), avocado oil (persea americano), sea salt (sodium chloride), vitamin e (tocopherol), cinnamon (cinnamomum verum), and orange essential oil (citrus sinensis).

finely ground robusta coffee

wake up and smell the coffee! there are two types of coffee beans in the world: arabica and robusta. most coffee beans consumed for drinking purposes are of the arabica variety because arabica beans taste less bitter. however, robusta beans contain almost twice as much caffeine as arabica. and that is why i use finely ground robusta coffee beans. caffeine is literally a skin-curing wizard and robusta coffee contains a ton of caffeine. coffee is also a great exfoliant and when combined with brown sugar, sea salt, and cinnamon, it creates a powerful skin-revitalizing formula.


caffeine is amazing for your skin. it is a diuretic, helps with circulation, and is a powerful antioxidant. it does so much that i am going to need to use a bullet list. here is what caffeine will do for you:

-fight wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. in other words, caffeine will tighten your skin and help you look healthier and younger.
-inhibits the growth of skin cancer cells and repairs UV damage from the sun with its antioxidant prowess.
-improve the overall appearance of your skin by fighting free radicals.
-reduce inflammation and redness (caffeine is an anti-inflammatory).
-fight dark circles under eyes by reducing puffiness and reducing accumulation of blood under the eyes.
-reduce the appearance of cellulite. recent research proved that caffeine applied topically on the skin reduced the size of cellulite fat cells by nearly 20%.
-treat and improve rosacea by calming irritated and reddened skin.

sea salt

our sea salt comes from the mediterranean sea. the sea water is evaporated and leaves behind its skin nourishing minerals. sea salt is a natural purifier that removes toxins that clog your skin's pores. it also improves your skin's texture, promotes better circulation, and tightens your skin.

brown sugar

brown sugar is an amazing exfoliant largely because it naturally contains glycolic acid. glycolic acid burst onto the beauty seen a number of years ago and many companies began using the acid in their beauty products. in essence, glycolic acid breaks down tough, bonded skin cells which in turn helps improve skin cell regeneration and guards against destructive toxins. brown sugar also does not leave your skin dry. it naturally takes moisture from its environment and deposits it into your skin.


cinnamon is one of my secret weapons for fighting skin imperfections. cinnamon plumps the skin, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating blood vessels and causing blood to move to the surface of the skin. additionally, it fights aging by increasing collagen levels which are necessary for tight and younger looking skin. it also fights against acne by helping to unclog pores while bringing blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin. cinnamon is surprisingly a good exfoliating agent, as well.

vitamin e

vitamin e is a nutrient to the skin and an antioxidant. when applied topically to the skin, vitamin e helps fight against free radicals, which contribute to the aging process and wrinkles. so, vitamin e helps to reduce wrinkles and keep your skin looking and feeling younger. it also can help with skin imperfections and dry or cracking skin.

coconut oil

although it has many uses, coconut oil is widely known as one of the best oils for your skin. it is first and foremost the leading all-natural moisturizer and prevents dry, flaky skin. it also helps to get rid of dead skin cells, strengthen the skin, and absorbs quickly into your skin. not only that, but it naturally contains vitamin e, which as we already know helps to fight against wrinkles and aging. coconut oil will help cure sunburn, psoriasis, and eczema, and will fight against skin infections.

sweet almond oil

sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin e, vitamin d, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. it is extremely effective as an anti-aging and skin-benefiting application, as well as a moisturizer. that’s not all, though. it also reduces acne because it opens pores, deeply cleanses them, and allows your skin to breath again. it is an anti-inflammatory so it helps improve skin conditions like psoriasis and also in reducing dark circles under your eyes. sweet almond oil also improves blood circulation in the skin which aids in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. it won’t leave your skin sticky, either, like some other oils.

avocado oil

avocado oil is also rich in vitamin e and will help smooth your skin and give it a silky, soft, and healthy tone. it helps improve eczema and even can soothe sunburned skin. avocado oil is a moisturizer that can penetrate deeper into the skin than most other oils. like brown sugar, it has humectancy properties which help prevent the skin from drying out for longer periods of time. since avocado oil can penetrate so deep into the skin, it is really fantastic at unclogging pores. avocado oil has also been found to reduce the production of sebum oil which causes breakouts.

orange essential oil

orange oil is an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic, which means it helps fight acne. in addition, it is an essential anti-aging substance because it improves the absorption of vitamin c, increases collagen production, and increases blood flow. over time, it can decrease wrinkles and fine lines. did i mention it smells incredible?

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